Happy Dayz Domiciliary Care LTD

Happy Dayz domiciliary care and short breaks care support services are offered to children and  people of all ages.

Happy Dayz philosophy is to have fun, by providing a service that enhances the quality of lives, promoting dignity, independence and access mainstream activities to realise their aspirations and rights to an inclusive community.

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Happy Dayz domiciliary care and short breaks (respite) support is provided for :-

- Autistic spectrum disorder.

- Complex health care needs and palliative care.

- Physical disabilities.

- Learning difficulties.

- Communication difficulties.

- Challenging behaviours.

- Social difficulties.

-Sensory impairments.


- Require medication.

- Companionship.

- Independence living.


‘Happy Dayz endeavors to deliver services with exceptional quality of care with a devoted staff team with a philosophy to create and provide opportunities to enable every child to have a fun childhood and for adults to maintain independence.
To give every person a voice and to inspire them to use their voice.
Our mission is to remove barriers of disability and to celebrate each individuals abilities to enhance the quality of peoples lives to achieve independence and to guide each individual to reach their full potential, aspirations and goals.’


Happy Dayz provide all with a wide range of support services and unique care packages to suit everyones needs.


Buddy / Pal Service

- providing one to one support enabling to access opportunities in the wider community and activities.


Social Support Service

– to assist within the home at peak times, early mornings, evening and night shifts

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High Care Support Service

- individual care packages to meet the individual’s complex health needs – both within the home and out in the wider community.


Companionship Service

- a carer is able to assist with socialising - attending clubs and companionship .

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Accompanying Service

- specific care packages to meet the individuals needs to enhance their independence skills.
– accompany a family on an outing for support, attend groups, appointments and situations where the parents are unable to attend.
- a carer to travel with individuals to school, clubs, and activities as an escort when parents are unable.

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Support with Independent Living Service

- to enhance independence skills - assistance with housework, shopping, cooking, money management etc.


Support for Holidays and After School Service

–active support both in the home and in the wider community.
-attend play schemes with the young person, or to enhance experiences in the community either with or without the family.


Sitting Service

- provision within the home during the day and early evening up to the time of midnight.


Specific Care Packages

Specific packages to meet the individual’s needs.


Referral Process


The majority of Happy Dayz referrals are provided by the local authority (families’ social workers), however, if families or individuals receive personal budgets (previously known as direct payments) they can commission Happy Dayz to provide a service. Payment terms are available on request along with monthly invoicing arrangements.
Happy Dayz accommodates a wide range of services for all ages, however, the allocated hours are directed from both yourselves if personal purchasing or allocated by the families or individuals social worker – all considering the holistic needs and preferences of each individual.
Happy Dayz can also accommodate emergency sessions dependent on the needs and requirements and skill sets for each individual referred.
On receipt of a referral the Happy Dayz Manager or senior staff will make contact with the allocated social worker or personal budget holder, and require the referrer to complete a Happy Dayz referral pack and care package form.
If Happy Dayz agrees that the referral is practical and that Happy Dayz can ensure that an effective service can be provided the process begins.


Staff Qualifications and Staff Training

Happy Dayz are committed to delivering a service of the highest quality. Happy Dayz understand the importance of qualified and competent staff. We are committed to the specialised training and ongoing development of our team, Happy Dayz recruit qualified staff and provide detailed and informative induction program to enhance their knowledge and to promote safe working practices.

Staff would preferably have a relevant qualification:-

-NVQ in Health and Social Care.

-NVQ in Children and Young People workforce (or equivalent)

-Nursing experience.

-Qualifications in Health and Social Care.

-Extensive experience in working/ caring for people with additional needs/ disabilities.

Happy Dayz are able to provide and pay for the Care Certificate for candidates / staff who do not currently have relevant qualifications but whom have extensive experience.

Staff must have or will be working towards within their probation period:-

Mandatory Advanced Skill Set

First Aid  

Communication modes and methods

Food Hygiene

Skills for care inductions

Infection control  

Staff induction – completion

Moving and handling  

Night duties induction-completion


Risk assessment awareness and writing

Autism awareness

Key work in behavior programs

Disability awareness Specialised care procedures

Medication administration Bereavement

Epilepsy training

Professional boundaries

Health and safety

Behaviour management

Respectful of personal care

Care plan writing

Challenging behaviours

Training on new legislation and potential needs of new referrals are conducted when required.

All staff have individual personal development plans – where they complete all mandatory training and undertake additional advanced skill set training to improve their development and enhance their knowledge enabling them to meet each person’s individual need.

Join The Happy Dayz Team



Do you have........

- NVQ  in Children and Young People workforce (or equivalent)

- Nursing experience.

- Qualifications in Health and Social Care.

- Experience with Epliepsy.

- Extensive experience in working/ caring for  people with additional needs/ disabilities.

Happy Dayz are able to provide and pay for candidates / staff to complete the Care Certificate for whom do not have the relevant qualifications but who do have extensive experience and would like to become apart of the Happy Dayz team.

If you have these qualifications or would like to become apart of Happy Dayz please get in contact.

Come on people don't miss out lets make your working days happy dayz!


- Autistic spectrum disorder

- Complex health care needs and palliative care.

- Physical disabilities.

-Learning difficulties.

-Communication difficulties.

-Challenging behaviours.

-Social difficulties.

-Sensory impairments.


-Require medication.


-Independence with day to day life.

Privacy Notice


Happy Dayz FAQ


Is Happy Dayz registered with CQC?

Yes Happy Dayz Domiciliary Care LTD is registered with CQC.

Does Happy Dayz review Care Plans?

Families and all clinets are central to all decisions relating to the service they receive. Happy Dayz is sensitive to the needs and wishes of the individual and take into account a  person’s disability, age, sex, sexual orientations, culture, race and language.
The clients, parents, family and carers will be provided with clear information about the service, the sessional worker and Happy Dayz to ensure effective communication at all times.
Happy Dayz will work in partnership with clients and their families, referring agencies and other external professional services.

Are Happy Dayz staff DBS checked?

In order for Happy Dayz to deliver a high quality service, we recognise that recruitment and retention of competent and qualified staff is of paramount importance. To ensure families and carers can be confident that the staff recruited by Happy Dayz supporting their loved one is of a very good standard the robust recruitment procedure is implemented when employing.

•DBS (CRB) form will be completed at the interview stage – this will have to be received by Happy Dayz before the applicant can become a worker and start working for Happy Dayz. Due to the change in law ‘Disclosure and Barring service in March 2013’, Happy Dayz will use various methods of assessing the continuous legitimate evidence of the employees criminal status complying with the DBS guidance.

What are Happy Dayz standards of care?

Happy Dayz standards of care:-
•Create a holistic care plan personalised to each specific person.
•Work closely with the client, family members, and other professionals that work meticulously with the individual to ensure that they are the center of our work.
•We work hard to ensure all clients have the right to be healthy, access opportunities, stay safe, enjoy and achieve their goals.
•We endeavor to promote empowerment for all with disabilities in their own lives.
•We promote choice, independence and participation within the local community.
•We believe that every person and their family have the right to have a reliable and consistent service with experienced and trained staff members whom can build positive relationships growing into a forever family friend.
Happy Dayz work hard to maintain a personal and supportive service for  every clients and their family members – creating an extended family ethos.

How does Happy Dayz Safeguard?

It is the duty of all Happy Dayz staff members to safeguard all in their care. It is Happy Dayz philosophy to ensure the safety of each individual.
•Full detailed risk assessments are undertaken at the referral / home visit stage. The assessment is updated regularly in the need of any changes.
•All staff participate mandatory safeguarding courses using outside agencies and staff have regular in-house training and scenarios that they must complete.

What are Happy Dayz arrangements for Religious, Cultural Observances, Diversity and Equality?

Happy Dayz staff make sure that they provide opportunities for people to practice the religion of their choice, as well as ensuring the provision for religious observance as appropriate (e.g. meeting dietary needs, providing an opportunity for worship etc.) During the home visit religious and cultural needs are identified and incorporated into their care plan. Guidance is obtained by the family on activities, situations and ideas on how to appropriately meet the needs of the individual.
Happy Dayz clients are encouraged to follow characteristics of their cultural background and this will be assisted within their short break session.

How does Happy Dayz invoice?

Happy Dayz services are generally provided from a referral from the Local Authority. However, more families are purchasing services using their personal budgets. Happy Dayz work on a monthly invoicing system with the Local Authority – this is also available to families purchasing their own support via Happy Dayz.
The costs of the hourly rate is subject to the type of service being delivered. This is discussed at referral point with both the Local Authority and/or the family

Who pays mileage, activity payments and pocket money?


Many short breaks are out in the wider community and staff members are able to drive their own vehicles to take clients on their break as long as they have business insurance. During the referral process a radius of mileage is discussed to ensure that the cost does not exceed a certain charge and is kept within budget for both the Local Authority and families.

Activity payments

Many short breaks are outings for the clients which may cost. We ask for parents to pay for their child/ young person and the staff member. Many places enable the staff member to access the establishment for free or at a reduced rate.

Pocket money

Happy Dayz have a ‘pocket money’ form that parents MUST complete at the beginning of every session when providing their child / young person with pocket money.

Happy Dayz Testimonials

The best respite company we have used. All the staff have been excellent and extremely reliable. Cameron has always enjoyed being with them and all his needs,whether medical or personal, have been met. I felt I could leave him with total confidence.

Fantastic! They bend over backwards to accommodate our needs and go over and above what's expected time and time again.

They treat my son like he is their friend, they matched his support worker to meet all his needs.

Just wanted to send an email to thank you and your amazing company for looking after Nan when she unfortunately became so ill.
The team you put together were great and I know Nan loved them all from the way she spoke to me about them.
Firstly, Mel, she was the star of the team and as you know Nan loved her so much and she really appreciated her. Mel was there before anyone else as a companion, keeping Nan company, doing her shopping and cleaning, cooking meals and taking her out when she could, but as Nan deteriorated her role soon changed.
Nan started to require a lot more care over a quick period of time and you organised this care so well for her and you were always there checking in on her and making sure everything was ok, you are a superstar. As her needs increased her care team adjusted amazingly to make sure she had all that was required for her to live her life as she wanted and to be happy.
The whole team who helped care for Nan were amazing, they all went above and beyond to make her smile and be there for her and she 100% loved the attention hehe. They kept her dignity and respected her and I was happy knowing they were caring for her. Nan was one of my favourite people ever and so it wasn't easy to be completely happy and trusting of other people looking after her when she was so vulnerable but I was happy with your team and that just goes to show how good they were.
I'd recommend your company anyday to anyone and would actually love it if your company cared for my Nan Gatt instead of the useless carers she currently has.
Thank you again

I worked for Happy Dayz for a year and a half and enjoyed every second. Would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for work in this field :)

Happy Dayz are fantastic they provide daily care for my severely disabled sister which helps her and my mum a lot. This can be feeding, bathing, washing and dressing, administering medicine, peg feeds etc. Nice people happy bunch and down to earth go further than the care needed by playing with my sister and support my sister and mum with social services and take my sister out in her wheelchair for walks, they can take her shopping or to the park and out and about if wanted. The time they give allows my mum to go for a bath or do a bit of shopping and catch up on jobs. Carla the owner has time for us and is a decent person and chatty. I would highly recommend due to the nice genuine people and excellent care provided. They work hard for those they care for.

A huge thank you for all the compassionate care you and you team of 3 that took care of my late mum.

From the first day my loved your team member,that cooked my mums meals from scratch be there for a chat and anything else mum needed from shopping taking to the doctors or prescriptions.

To later when mum became more dependent on your team of 3 for 24/7 care. When they helped her with many day to day needs example showering/ toilet needs dressing and feeding.Or just a chat and then just being there for mum when she was bed bound. Towards the end your team worked tirelessly with the nurses that came in towards the end. 

 When mum was sleeping which was most of the time as mum was on strong medications from nurses that came in.Your team sat by her bed and talked to mum or read also did mum nails nice bright colours.

A big thank you from all our family as we could not have done the full time care that mum needed towards the end as mum wanted to stay at home till the end.

                        Thank you.

Happy Dayz is an amazing company who work with care, compassion and understanding. They have a complete person centered approach which they provide in a very professional way whilst always making sure everyone has a big smile on their face. I cant recommend this company enough.

Just wanted to send you an email to let you know how much you and your staff meant to me, my family and of course my mum.
When I came to you and asked if you could find a companion for my mum, to take her out, take her shopping and generally be a best friend you found a wonderful member of your staff in Mel. You came up with the perfect package just for her. My mum enjoyed the company of Mel and they become close over a few months. 
When my mums health deteriorated and I came to you for guidance again you came up with the perfect package. Your staff were amazing and you made it possible for my mum to have the right care. 
Unfortunately my mum got worse so we had to change the package again. You and your team worked tirelessly along side our family members so that my mum had 24 hr care. by this time you had also organised nurses from NHS and Rowans. 
When my mum passed again you were there and helped us to arrange last minute things and be a rock for us all.
My family and I would gladly recommend your wonderful company to anyone.
We all send you a massive THANK YOU.


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